What Is HCG And How Does It Help You Lose Weight?

weight loss shot

HCG is becoming extremely popular now as a viable means to lose weight. The popularity is based on the many positive reviews about this form of shot. Many attest that a shot of HCG can help one shed off fats and several pounds in the body.

So – what is HCG shot?

First, you should know what HCG stands for. It is the acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone which is produced in the placenta by pregnant women. Its function is to increase body metabolism. Initially, this hormone is for the purpose of controlling the metabolism of pregnant women throughout pregnancy. Researches were made about this in relation to weight lost. And after the positive results of the researches, it was applied to non-pregnant individuals. Today, the shots are given to both men and women who want to eliminate unwanted fats in the body.

Not everybody can have this injection. The weight loss shot is given only after a through physical and medical assessment. The current health of the recipient of the injection had to be established. This is why it is necessary that this weight loss program is conducted in clinics that have medical doctors trained with this.

This mode of losing weight has gained approval from many previous users. They attested on feeling healthier after the injection. The shot attacks the unhealthy fats without attacking the vitamins and minerals in the body. Neither does it have any adverse effect on the muscles, only on the unwanted fats. Some diet programs and strategies had produced side-effects; the HCG weight loss program does not.

The weight reduction mode is safe and legal. You can stop the shot whenever you want to. After the shot, you will enjoy healthy eating pattern and habit. Thus you will be able to maintain your reduced weight. You will also notice a change in your appetite and you will find your eating habits better and healthier.

There is a big NO to this procedure. First, you cannot have it without being assessed for your health condition. This is the reason why it is advised than when you undergo this process, you should be under the supervision of a physician.. The clinic or the center where you are having the shots should have a resident doctor who has trained specifically for the administration of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

Many people today are really trying to find ways on losing weight. The HCG is good if you are found to be compatible with it – health wise. Many had already tried the procedure without encountering any unnatural side effects. That is because they underwent the fat reduction procedure under a trained and experienced medical doctor in a highly accredited clinic.