Unique Tips for Fat Weight Loss

diet tips for fast weight loss

The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over, expecting different results. Instead of engaging in the same-old pattern of reaching for solutions based on low calories, low fat food, or low carb diets that seem to fail more often then not, perhaps it’s time to try a different dieting approach. Here are some unusual diet tips for fast weight loss that work with the body rather then against it. They can easily be followed anywhere, everyday:

1. Remember the body is your friend. Your body can become a respected ally if you make your fat weight loss practice a dance of partnership rather then a battle of wills.

2. Eat more not less. Small meals are best. Spread them pout throughout the day. Skipping meals triggers the body into slowing down the metabolism in an attempt to conserve calories during periods when fats and fuel are less available. Remember, eating increases metabolism which in turn will help burn fat.

3. Surprise the body, keep it honed and on its toes by calorie shifting, varying your food, calories and eating patterns. Security and sameness tends to make the body run on autopilot, forcing it to reach for the same old fat burning habits with which it is most familiar.

4. Use food not pills to lose weight. Make friends with food. It is not your enemy. Hormones are an important clue here. Using proper food, in the correct pattern, triggers the release of fat burning hormones in the brain. The older you get the more everything seems to slow down, so it is important to nurture eating habits that will kick the fat burning hormones into high gear to burn more calories than are consumed.

5. Have fun, keep moving, and shake things up. Vibration, movement and change are in, same-old patterns and eating routines are out.

6. The past does not equal the future. By applying a new technique that is easy and supportive you can step beyond old belief structures and make room for newer ones that are more aligned with a perfect weight and quality lifestyle.

7. Find an easy diet you can follow and stick with it. This weight loss plan will become a framework of support that will hold your vision while it also educates you about the skills needed to keep on track.

As with every diet, exercise and healthy eating patterns are recommended but we can all use a little boost to trigger fat weight loss. If you tried every diet, read every book, and exercised like crazy, but still couldn’t lose the desired weight, try something different.