6 Important Factors for Diet Plan Success

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As the weight loss industry becomes increasingly prosperous more and more diet plans have become available. The problem is that a lot of these diet plans are complete nonsense and do not work at all. Sure, some diet plans are effective but do you really want to waste your time and money trying to find the right one? No, me neither! That is why in this article I have done the hard work for you and listed 6 criteria that should be part of any successful diet plan.

1) Honesty:- Many diet plans are full of outrageous claims such as “rub this gel on your stomach and watch the fat melt away”. However, can you really trust a diet plan which makes such unrealistic claims? Losing weight is not easy and any diet plan which argues otherwise is likely to be fraudulent and ineffective. Try to look for diet plans which make more honest claims such as “lose 10 pounds in one month” as these are likely to be the ones that really work.

2) Evidence:- If a diet plan really is effective then there should be some clinical evidence which says so. Although clinical trials are not 100% foolproof (they may be sponsored by the diet plan company or the results may have been presented selectively to make the diet plan look more favourable) they are a good indicator of a diet plan’s effectiveness. By looking for diet plans which have been scientifically tested you are more likely to find one that works for you.

3) No Forbidden Foods:- When a food is forbidden it becomes all the more tempting. This usually leads to you craving the food to such an extent that you binge eat. For example, lets say your favourite food is cookies but your diet plan has banned them. You manage to resist for two weeks but then you give in and eat a full pack. The end result is that you consume too many calories and sabotage all your good efforts on the diet plan. To avoid this you should look for diet plans which restrict the foods you eat but still let you treat yourself from time to time.

4) No Side Effects:- Even if a diet plan helps you lose weight in a way that works for you, you do not want to be subjected to any unpleasant side effects. For example, going on the Atkins diet has been associated with bad breath, constipation and nausea. Some health professionals even believe the diet can cause more serious health risks such as heart disease and osteoporosis. Therefore, make sure you research any diet plan you choose to ensure that there are no unpleasant side effects associated with it.

5) No Calorie Counting:- Any good diet plan will require you to have a general understanding of calories and the amount you should be consuming each day. However, if you have to count every single calorie that you take in every single day you will quickly become discouraged. The most successful diet plans will teach you to eat healthily and in time you will learn to reduce your daily caloric intake without counting every individual calorie.

6) Affordability:- Even if a diet plan fulfills all the above criteria it will not be a success unless you can afford it. Some diet plans require you to purchase special meals to participate. However, these meals are usually expensive and can quickly burn a hole in your wallet. I recommend that you choose a diet plan which does not require you to buy any special foods and is therefore affordable on almost any budget.

Successful diet plans should help you lose weight and make this process as easy and manageable as possible. They should be honest, unrestrictive, proven and affordable. When choosing a diet plan make sure it matches all the above criteria or else you could find yourself disappointed with the results.

Success With Quick Weight Loss Diets

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Lets get to it, and I hope this article will guide you to the Quick Weight Loss Diets you have been looking for. The quick weight loss diets we have for you, will form the foundation of your new diet plan. That’s because they’re low in carbohydrates, which ensures that they won’t raise your levels of insulin or glycogen. Keeping high amounts of carbs out of your diet lets your body burn fat at its highest potential, While protecting metabolism – boosting muscle. The quick weight loss diets also helps to stabilize your blood sugar and reduce your body’s internal production of saturated fat. Both of these results are extremely effective for decreasing your risk for heart disease. Even better: The guidelines in our quick weight loss diets are simple; just follow the live nutrition tactics below.


1. Choose liberally from the Quick Weight Loss Diets we have and the foods that complement that diet. Feel free to eat any combination of these foods along with the Quick Weight Loss Diets approved condiments and beverages until you feel satisfied, but not stuffed. These “restrictions” sound too easy to Work, but study after study has shown that eating this way promises more dramatic fat loss than any other approach and Without the need to count calories.

2. Try to consume high-quality protein at every meal. Eating protein ensures that your body always has the raw material available to build and maintain your muscle, even While you lose fat. Protein also helps to keep your metabolism stoked. That’s because your body uses more calories to digest and process protein than both carbohydrates and fat combined.

3. Don’t fear fat. Fat is a crucial factor in helping you control the total number of calories your body craves. That’s because fat is very effective at helping you feel satisfied. Remember, your body is designed to burn fat. And you control the fat-burning trigger by eating specific foods, the Quick Weight Loss Diets have foods that keep your insulin and glycogen levels low.

4. Indulge on vegetables. When our friend and colleague, Marcus Bucanon, PhD, professor of biochemistry at New South Wales University in Sydney, polled more than 3,000 low-carbohydrate dieters, he found that, on average, dieters who were most successful consumed at least four servings of low starch vegetables a day. Low starch vegetables include almost any vegetable other than potatoes, carrots, and corn.

5. Avoid sugar and starch. The list of foods to avoid includes bread, pasta, potatoes, beans, rice, fruit, milk, candy, regular soda, and baked goods as Well as any other foods that contain grains, flour, or sugar. The reason? These are the foods that either raise blood sugar and insulin levels or replenish glycogen – all of which inhibit your body’s ability to burn fat for energy. You might be surprised to see fruit and milk on this list, but it’s not because either are unhealthy, they simply provide too many glycogen replenishing carbs, in the form of natural sugars. All of this and much more is explained with our Quick Weight Loss Diets.

Diet Food Delivery Service – How You Can Meet the 3 Rules of Weight Loss Success

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Do you know the 3 rules of weight loss success? Follow these 3 rules and you’ll easily lose weight and trim down.

Fortunately you have help. A diet food delivery service can give you the edge at weight loss by fulfilling the 3 rules of successful weight loss. Here’s how:

Rule #1 of Weight Loss Success – You have to enjoy it.

I know, I know, what a crazy idea – enjoying the actual process of dieting. When you realize that the very word ‘diet’ conjures up feelings of deprivation, limp celery sticks and cardboard tasting meals, it’s no wonder that 95% of diets fail.

It’s not because they don’t work – it’s because they make us miserable. They’re not enjoyable. And humans do what they enjoy. Eating is a naturally enjoyable activity – it was made to be that way. Otherwise why would nature have provided such a wide variety of delicious foods?

One of the underlying fundamental flaws of most diets is that they don’t allow you to enjoy the food. Add to that the time you actually have to spend preparing the dull, bland boring, same-old-same-old diet meals and it’s a recipe for throwing in the towel.

So how can you enjoy losing weight? By enjoying the food you’re eating. When you choose delicious food you don’t feel deprived. You feel satisfied and you naturally eat less – which means the pounds come off faster.

But can ‘diet’ food really taste good? It can when it’s chef-prepared. Several diet food delivery services offer gourmet chef-prepared meals that are specially formulated to be both low in calories and taste amazing.

How do these dishes sound?

– Turkey with Cranberry Chutney Sauce with Rosemary potatoes and Asparagus Spears

– Tuscan Chicken Fettuccini

– Fiesta Beef Chili Tostada

– Asian Vegetable Stir Fry with Brown Rice

– Sirloin Steak in a Green Peppercorn Sauce Served with Petite Peas & Onions and Flame Roasted Sweet Corn

– Cheese Ravioli with Tomato Four Cheese Sauce

These are just some examples offered by chef-prepared diet food delivery services. They definitely don’t sound like your standard diet food choices.

Rule #2 of Weight Loss Success – It Has To Be Easy

Yes, we all know that losing weight involves a lifestyle change. But we have so much to do these days, most of us don’t have the time to plan meals, shop for special ingredients and spend hours in the kitchen.

And the harder it gets, the more likely you are to abandon your weight loss efforts.

So the easier you can make it, the better. In fact most people need food they can just grab, heat and eat.

That’s why diet meal delivery is so popular. The meals are prepared for you and properly portion controlled – with the right amount of calories and nutrients and vitamins. Then they’re shipped to your house every week.

All you do is grab a meal out of the fridge or freezer, heat for around 5 minutes and eat. How easy is that? And many services will also deliver to your workplace or just deliver 5 days of meals so you can choose to eat special diet meals during the week – and take the weekends off.

Rule #3 of Weight Loss Success – It has to be Affordable

Ok, we’re in tough economic times, there’s no doubt. You probably can’t afford expensive weight loss surgery, weight loss retreat centers or even pricey counseling programs.

But that doesn’t meal you have to give up on your dream of being svelte and slim-sexy. A weight loss program has to be affordable to be doable in today’s world.

Sure you can probably find some ‘free’ diet plans on the Net (but they also won’t fit the criteria in Rule #1 – It has to be Enjoyable and Rule #2 – It has to be Easy). Plus you still have to shop (and pay) for food with these programs.

While diet food delivery services used to be only for stars of the highest rank – it’s now become mainstream – and affordable. In fact some of the more popular services – because they have so many clients – can afford to drop their prices.

You can get diet food delivered starting around $ 10 a day (which is around $ 3 per meal). This is actually much less than most people spend on food per day.

Of course the higher up you go price-wise, the more gourmet meals you’re going to get. But even the popular gourmet services only charge around $ 21-25 a day, which still isn’t bad (you probably spent more than that on your last restaurant meal)

And sometimes you even get more than just the food – several services also offer great support and online tools like weight loss trackers, support forums and dietitian counselling – all included in your price.

So while most people think that diet food delivery is expensive, considering all of this, it’s actually one of the cheapest ways to lose weight.

So there you have the 3 simple rules of weight loss success. If you want to lose weight successfully, make sure that whatever program you choose meets these 3 rules above.

While the choice is up to you, a diet food delivery service meets these criteria – and since few people know about it, it can give you the edge in losing weight.