Learn How to Lose Weight Fast and Then Keep It Off

how to loss weight fast

If you want to know how to lose weight fast, there are numerous methods and diet plans that you could follow that would help you achieve your goal, some of them much quicker than others. Some of the more commonly known methods used to lose weight fast are;

The cabbage soup diet: Although this diet is extremely effective, especially if your objective is to lose weight fast, it can be somewhat repetitive and continuously consuming cabbage does have an adverse effect on the pungency of the air that surrounds some individuals, another plus is that it is extremely cheap too.

The Lemonade Diet: Again very effective if you are looking to lose weight fast, not quite as unpleasant on the smelly side as the cabbage diet is, but prolonged use of this diet has been known to have adverse side effects with regard to mood swings, so the best advice would have to be to only use this one in short sharp weight loss bursts.

Fasting: Abstaining from eating will obviously achieve a rapid reduction in weight but is not a very well thought of method of rapid weight loss and the immediate effects can be undone very quickly once the fasting has stopped, and normal eating is resumed as by that time the body has adjusted to survive on fewer calories so you will actually start to gain weight the second you start eating.

Some people would say a sudden burst of consistent exercise will help you lose weight fast, but few people are aware that exercise, although extremely important for your health and well being, only accounts for 20% of your weight loss, the remaining 80% can only be achieved by radically changing what we eat and the way we eat it.

So, there you have it, three examples of how to lose weight fast. OK, so maybe they were not the best three methods available or the three that you might have chosen, but you see that’s the thing about losing weight and the perpetual battle we all face day in and day out with our fluctuating poundage!

We have all tried diet after diet and have all battled to find the answer to how to lose weight fast, but we also know that what works for our best friend might not work for us; but the truth of the matter is your weight is dictated by one thing and one thing alone, calories.

If your body consumes more calories than it burns, the excess will be stored and will eventually turn to fat; on the other hand if you burn more calories than you consume then your weight will go down, it’s basic Physics really.

So, How Do You Lose Weight Fast and Keep it off Then?

I would have to say that although I have lost weight using many different methods and using many diets one of the healthiest and most appealing ways I have found to enable me to lose weight fast and maintain a continuous weight loss is a method called calorie shifting.

This method uses different foods at different times to trick the body’s metabolism into burning calories it hasn’t eaten and it is a very effective method for rapid fat loss and when used alongside exercise can have even more dramatic results and in a very short time indeed.