Acai Berry Benefits and Acai Berry Weight Loss

This article examines what lies beneath the hype of the acai berry. By examining acai berry benefits, readers will be able to learn more about this natural superfood.

In the world of health and fitness, the hottest topic of the moment is the acai berry. From top TV talk shows to the most read fitness magazines, the acai berry is being praised as “nature’s most perfect superfood.”

But what exactly is an acai berry? The acai is a berry found in the rainforests of Brazil. But it isn’t just any old berry. This superberry contains some of the most remarkable properties scientists have ever seen. For example, acai berries have 10 times more antioxidants than red grapes. It also contains several essential fatty acids. Simply put, acai berries meet many of our most essential health needs.

As a result of the hype surrounding acai berries, a number of supplements have come out claiming to have harnessed the power of the acai berry. Unfortunately, some of these products are nothing more than watered down multivitamins. The key to finding the right acai berry supplement for your needs is to read acai berry reviews from users and experts (more on this later.)

Acai Berry Benefits

So, you’ve heard the acai berry is “nature’s most perfect superfood,” but what exactly does it do? The list of acai berry benefits is extensive. Here are just a few to give you an idea of the power of this little berry.

Aids in Weight Loss–The most popular benefit of the acai berry is that it helps you shed excess pounds. This happens because acai berries are full of antioxidants that serve to eliminate waste and toxins from the body. Many people carry a significant amount of toxins in their body (from processed foods and other factors) that add pounds. By flushing this waste away, those who take acai berries can often lose up to 25 pounds. Read more about acai berry weight loss.

Creates Energy Boost–Does this sound familiar? You wake up, go to work, and crash during the middle of the day? We’re busy people. Most of us also don’t get enough sleep. Combine these two things, and you end up with a lot of tired people who are constantly running on empty. Acai berries help boost your energy levels in a couple of ways. First, by detoxifying your body, you automatically feel healthier and more vibrant. Second, acai berries help you get a better night’s sleep. This lets you rest up properly, leaving you with more energy during the day.

Detoxifies Body–As mentioned above, acai berries detoxify the body, eliminating harmful waste. This is because of the extraordinary amount of antioxidants contained in each acai berry. The result? Your immune system becomes stronger, and you feel better than ever before. Many people who take acai berry supplements report that they never realized how badly they felt before until they experienced how good acai berries made them feel.

Acai Berry Weight Loss

Unlike most other weight loss supplements, acai berry supplements are not a fad and they do what they say. Acai berries help you jumpstart your weight loss in several ways. The first way is by flushing harmful waste out of your body. This waste accumulates into extra pounds, so detoxifying your body means you will lose those pounds. Acai berries also give you an energy boost, meaning you’ll be more active and better able to workout each day.

But that’s not all. Acai berries also help you get better rest. Numerous studies have shown that people who don’t get enough sleep aren’t as active, and as a result, they tend to have a harder time losing weight. By getting a good night’s sleep, you’ll be able to lose more weight.

Acai berries also aid in digestion. This allows your body to break down food more effectively, preventing extra body fat from accumulating.

Acai Berry Reviews

In light of the recent hype around the acai berry, dozens of acai berry supplements have popped up. The best way to find the right product for your needs is to read acai berry reviews. These reviews come from both users and health and nutrition experts. This takes the guesswork out of choosing an acai berry supplement.

Based on numerous tests, the most effective acai berry supplement on the market today is Acai Balance. The reason Acai Balance receives such positive reviews is that it contains a unique formula that produces even more benefits than acai alone. By using multiple proven weight loss ingredients, Acai Balance is able to achieve the most significant results of any product in its class.

Celebritys Like Rachel Ray Feature Acai Berry

For all those you have internet or a TV, we know Rachel Ray loves Acai. Acai is the new superfood promoted by Rachel Ray, Oprah, Dr. Perricone and Dr. Oz. For those who haven’t heard of it, the acai berry is dark purple or green in color. This berry grows naturally and without cultivation at the crown of fast growing palm trees which dominate the rain forests in the Amazon, particularly in parts of Brazil. Every six months, the local population harvests the berries and uses them to make a fruity pulp which flavors a variety of different foods. In its raw form this berry pulp has a short shelf life and needs to be used quickly. If not used immediately after harvest the pulp needs to be flash-frozen in order to prevent spoilage.

Acai Berries are a powerful combination of many healthful benefits. They are a good source protein and fiber. If protein and fibre weren’t enough, acai also provides a good quantity of vitamins B and A, and omega-9 and omega-6. They are also a very good source of essential fatty acids. Acai berries are also a significant source of anthocyanins which are a particular antioxidant nutrient. This nutrient is what provides red wine with its antioxidant benefits.

Since being introduced to us by Dr. Perricone, acai has garnered a lot of attention. The internet is now full of acai promotions. Acai Berry ranks among Dr. Perricone’s top ten superfoods. These superfoods if consumed regularly are supposed to make us look significantly more youthful in a short period of time. Acai berry has captured the eye, attention and imagination of many television celebrities. Rachel Ray drinks a type of acai berry juice daily and claims it makes her feel great.

Healthy diets and healthy lifestyle information are becoming common knowledge these days. We are aware that we should eat more raw foods and foods that are richer in good fats whole grains. It is commonly known that antioxidants are absolutely critical to enjoying good health. Antioxidants reduce inflammation and that help us fight the ongoing threat of illness and the debilitating effects of aging.

As a science oriented person and an avid healthy lifestyle reader, I was interested in learning more about Rachel Ray and acai berry. Recently, I was very interested to learn that some food scientists had investigated the antioxidant benefits of commonly available acai juice blends. Three acai juice blends containing presumably varied and definitely unspecified concentrations of pure a?a? juice were compared for in vitro antioxidant capacity against other commonly known antioxidant beverages. These other antioxidant beverages included red wine, tea, six types of pure fruit juice and pomegranate juice. I want to note that acai juice blends were being compared to pure fruit juices so we need to be a bit skeptical about the results. The antioxidant capacity of the acai juice blends was approximately equal to that of pure cranberry juice, and was higher than that of pure apple juice, tea and pure orange juice. The antioxidant capacity of the acai juice blends was actually ranked poorer than that of pure pomegranate juice, pure blueberry juice, and the unspecified type of red wine. Is their misinformation being provided by Rachel Ray about acai? I do not think so. Acai juice blends are significantly better for you than some pure fruit juices but not as good as either red wine or pure pomegranate juice.

The results using pure acai juice might be significantly different. I have seen acai juice blends and there is no telling whether they are mostly acai or rather pear juice with a splash of acai berry juice for flavor. The problem with this study is that it uses juices with unspecified concentrations of acai. In the interests of fairness and giving her the benefit of the doubt to Rachel Ray and acai she might promote a juice that is 100% acai.

Rachel Ray, Acai Berry, Healthy And Delicious!

Rachel Ray promotes acai berry. Oprah Winfrey promotes acai berry. Acai is also one of the 10 superfoods promoted by Dr Perricone. Plenty of experts believe that this berry is the new wonder food.

Acai berries are only found in the Amazon rainforests and they taste like a mixture of the richness of chocolate and the tang of berries. Acai berry is full of health promoting things such as essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Although acai may not be available in Loblaws, but you can readily find this gem in health food stores.

One of the benefits of acai is that it can reverse signs of aging. A potent mixture of antioxidants that can help combat premature aging including 10 times more antioxidants than red grapes and 10 to 30 times then the proven benefits of red wine. These antioxidants keep your skin soft and smooth and supple and can actually eliminate some pre-existing wrinkles.

Acai also contains a wonderful combo of dietary fiber, healthy fats, and phytosterols. These ingredients work together to facilitate digestive and cardiovascular health. Phytosterols from plant sources are super helpful in treating many conditions, such as arthritis, immune system deficiencies, and high cholesterol. The plant sterols try to saturate absorption sites faster than those of cholesterol, which is an animal sterol, and therefore reduce the total amount of cholesterol absorbed by the body. Total and low-density lipid cholesterol levels can be reduced by the consumption of phytosterols which represents an enormous health benefit to anyone at risk of high cholesterol..

These berries also contain an almost perfect essential amino acid complex in conjunction with valuable trace minerals which are vital to proper muscle health contraction and regeneration.

The health benefits of acai berry are numerous and varied. The important essential fatty acid content of acai is very similar to that of healthy oils such as flax seed oil, grapeseed oil, canola oil and olive oil. It is also is a great source of oleic acid.

Oleic acid is critical to good health for a number of reasons. Oleic acid helps omega-3 rich oils such as fish oil go into the membranes of our cells; together they help make cell membranes healthier by making them more flexible. By keeping our cell membranes supple and flexible, our cells can function more efficiently. This benefit can not be overstated as high insulin levels create an inflammation, and inflammation causes premature aging. From another health perspective, oleic acid exhibits other benefits as it has been shown to prevent the progression of dangerous and deadly heart disease.

An interesting use of oleic acid which is found in acai berry is its use as an ingredient in Lorenzo’s oil made famous in a TV movie of the same name. This medication was developed to prevent the onset of adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a condition effecting boys that attacks the myelin sheaths of the body, causing debilitating symptoms similar to those in multiple sclerosis. Though Lorenzo’s oil does not cure the condition, it can delay onset or progression of the disease in those who are not yet symptomatic.

The health benefits of acai are too good to miss. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of these health benefits. Listen to Rachel Ray and make acai berry a part of your life..

We Searched The Globe For the Top 3 Acai Berry Supplements: Here They Are!

Have you been dieting for years without success? Searching high and low for skin care products which give you youthful and healthy skin and take years off your life? Want a more efficient, healthier digestive system? If so, then look no further. I’m going to tell you about three products that will change your life for good.

The following three supplements harness the power of acai berry along with other nutritious and delicious fruit+berry products. Acai berry has properties which make it a perfect weight loss supplement. It contains a huge array of vitamins and minerals which are linked to younger-looking skin and extreme energy. It has also proven amazing at cleansing the colon, which is a vital link in a healthy digestive system.

To find the best acai products out there, we searched through hundreds of supplements, skin care products, and weight loss tools. We chose our top products based on various factors, such as production method, actual amount of acai in the product, and combination with other superfood ingredients. Here are our favorite three out of the hundreds of supplements we researched:

#1: Acai Nutraburst- This is our favorite product out of all of the acai supplements out there. Acai Nutraburst is made with pure acai berries, green tea, African hoodia, and quercetin. Acai berry is high in fiber and has one of the highest anti-oxidant values around. African Hoodia suppresses the appetite. Quercetin is anti-inflammatory and highly anti-oxidant. Green Tea restores balance in the body. Pure and simple, this supplement is the BEST combination of weight loss and anti-aging power that we’ve seen.This product gets 5 stars all around.

#2: Premium AcaiBurn- This product is an excellent weight loss tool. The 3 ingredients besides pure acai berry are Gymnema sylvestre, Chromium Polyniconate, and Garcinia cambogia. Gymnema sylvestre extract comes from an Indian tropical plant and reduces cravings for sugary foods. Chromium Polyniconate is linked to heart health by lowering bad cholesterols and increasing good ones. Garcinia cambogia extract comes from a small pumpkin-like plant that supresses the appetite and helps burn fat. If we could give Premium Acai Burn 6-stars for Ingredients, we would. The only downside of this supplement is that the free trial automatically signs you up for an “All-Access” weight loss and e-book option, which some may find very useful, but others might not want. Just be clear when you are ordering the free trial about the terms and conditions. Their website is very helpful though and they provide plenty of product information to decide if this one is for you.

#3: Acai Advanced Cleanse- This product makes our favorites list because of its multi-functionality. Acai Advanced utilizes the powers of the acai berry, which is rich in fiber, to cleanse the colon and digestive system. Doctors say there is no way to lose weight unless you start with a healthy colon. This leads us to the second function of Acai Advanced- weight loss. The phytochemicals found in acai help you shed the pounds and boost your energy at the same time. This allows you to keep feeling peppy and strong while you lose weight, which doubles your weigh loss, allowing you to exercise more and remain active while the pounds are lost. We can say ourselves that this product is the highest quality we’ve seen for a powerful weight loss and colon cleansing tool.