HCG Weight Loss Program: Dieters Must Understand The Basics

Dieting without succeeding is often harmful to the health. Some of the main “reasons” for eating too much and eating without hunger are frustration, stress and depression. And all of these can come as a consequence of: 1. wasted money (paying for diets that don’t work) 2. wasting effort attempting to lose weight, without weight loss and 3. being unhappy with what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror.

So unless dieting is successful…it can be an unhealthy choice. Individuals who decide to diet should make sure that they choose to work with an effective program that actually wields results. So before you start dieting research all the available methods and consider the different characteristics of each and every one. Choose the one that will most likely work for you; provide you with actual weight loss results.

Some programs offer some results. Some programs offer small results. Some programs offer terrific results for a few dieters. Don’t choose any of these programs. Choose one that provides high weight loss averages across the board. Choose one that offers average weight loss results like those provided by the HCG weight loss program.

Once an effective method of weight loss is chosen the dieters is almost ready to begin. But first they must get to know their diet. They must know all the basics. They must know all the founding elements. For instance if you are a dieter on the HCG weight loss program you should be aware of the basics of this particular program:

1. Journal: The weight loss journal is an important basic on the HCG weight loss program. Dieters who decide it is not important find out too late that it is an important part of the program. It allows them to notice patterns in their weight loss and their eating that can either make their diet successful or an absolute failure.

2. The HCG: the program is named after the HCG because the HCG is a vital element. Take your HCG as recommended. Take the right amount at the right time. And follow the rules requiring no food or drink for 15 minutes before or after. This allows the homeopathic formula to absorb fully into the system.

3. Very Low Calorie Diet or VLCD: The HCG weight loss program limits dieters to 500 calories per day; no more, no less. Maximizing weight loss requires that dieters actually follow the stringent calorie limitation and approved food list.

Succeeding on any type of dieting program requires that dieters know the basics of the program. Luckily for HCG dieters the basics are pretty much the entire program. It’s not a confusing montage of rules and regulations. It’s simple and straightforward. This makes it more likely that dieters will succeed in losing their unwanted weight and reaching a more healthy weight.

Weight Loss: Back to the Basics

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Our weight loss dilemmas are getting the best of us that is not an exaggeration. Once we step up and look at weight loss in a different perspective, we will begin to realize that we are wrong in our pursuits to push for weight loss through mediocre means. Oftentimes, we try so hard to resort to weight loss techniques that we fail to see that there are simple ways to lose weight which we only overlook.

Accordingly, studies show that a high percentage of the dieters in the country face weight loss failures for the reason that weight loss is not something that they understand. Moreover, they also don’t understand how their bodies respond to their weight loss techniques. Actually, our lack of understanding comes from so much useless information that is thrown at us from all sides of the media. We are too busy looking at the latest weight loss programs to understand the basic fats of fat loss.

Here are some weight loss basics that we should not undermine, unless we want to gain weight and become obese in the long run:

Calories are bad, fats are not so. Dieters often practice the cutting off of fat in their diets just so they can lose weight, without thinking that fats are also an essential part of our diet regimen. The fact is, it is not the fat, but the amount of calories that we consume that is the enemy. While it is true that a gram of fat has more calories than a gram of protein, many people eat more proteins and a carbohydrate because they assume that fat is the enemy.

Eating three times a day is ideal. Many of us are raised to believe that eating three times a day is ideal, but the truth of the matter is that it really is not so. Eating heavy meals three times a day will only slow down our metabolism, and that is not good for us. A better alternative is to spread the meals through out the day; healthier meals throughout the day can keep your metabolism burning fat all day long.

Do not live by weighing scales. There are times when we get so conscious about the weight we should lose that we make it a point to check our weight everyday. Piece of advice: do not make this a habit. Do not live by weight loss every minute of everyday; otherwise, you will easily become affected every time when in reality, weighing scales should only be used as a guide. It’s not a hundred percent accurate.

Eat but do not overeat. Exercising portion control is a good option but always remembers to allow you some leeway. Eat on time and don’t skip meals. Eat the right amount of food to supply you with adequate energy and use that energy so it would not get stuck as fat in your system.