We Searched The Globe For the Top 3 Acai Berry Supplements: Here They Are!

Have you been dieting for years without success? Searching high and low for skin care products which give you youthful and healthy skin and take years off your life? Want a more efficient, healthier digestive system? If so, then look no further. I’m going to tell you about three products that will change your life for good.

The following three supplements harness the power of acai berry along with other nutritious and delicious fruit+berry products. Acai berry has properties which make it a perfect weight loss supplement. It contains a huge array of vitamins and minerals which are linked to younger-looking skin and extreme energy. It has also proven amazing at cleansing the colon, which is a vital link in a healthy digestive system.

To find the best acai products out there, we searched through hundreds of supplements, skin care products, and weight loss tools. We chose our top products based on various factors, such as production method, actual amount of acai in the product, and combination with other superfood ingredients. Here are our favorite three out of the hundreds of supplements we researched:

#1: Acai Nutraburst- This is our favorite product out of all of the acai supplements out there. Acai Nutraburst is made with pure acai berries, green tea, African hoodia, and quercetin. Acai berry is high in fiber and has one of the highest anti-oxidant values around. African Hoodia suppresses the appetite. Quercetin is anti-inflammatory and highly anti-oxidant. Green Tea restores balance in the body. Pure and simple, this supplement is the BEST combination of weight loss and anti-aging power that we’ve seen.This product gets 5 stars all around.

#2: Premium AcaiBurn- This product is an excellent weight loss tool. The 3 ingredients besides pure acai berry are Gymnema sylvestre, Chromium Polyniconate, and Garcinia cambogia. Gymnema sylvestre extract comes from an Indian tropical plant and reduces cravings for sugary foods. Chromium Polyniconate is linked to heart health by lowering bad cholesterols and increasing good ones. Garcinia cambogia extract comes from a small pumpkin-like plant that supresses the appetite and helps burn fat. If we could give Premium Acai Burn 6-stars for Ingredients, we would. The only downside of this supplement is that the free trial automatically signs you up for an “All-Access” weight loss and e-book option, which some may find very useful, but others might not want. Just be clear when you are ordering the free trial about the terms and conditions. Their website is very helpful though and they provide plenty of product information to decide if this one is for you.

#3: Acai Advanced Cleanse- This product makes our favorites list because of its multi-functionality. Acai Advanced utilizes the powers of the acai berry, which is rich in fiber, to cleanse the colon and digestive system. Doctors say there is no way to lose weight unless you start with a healthy colon. This leads us to the second function of Acai Advanced- weight loss. The phytochemicals found in acai help you shed the pounds and boost your energy at the same time. This allows you to keep feeling peppy and strong while you lose weight, which doubles your weigh loss, allowing you to exercise more and remain active while the pounds are lost. We can say ourselves that this product is the highest quality we’ve seen for a powerful weight loss and colon cleansing tool.