For Quick Weight Loss Trust Bee Pollen Weight Loss

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Often due to our hectic schedules and busy lives we are not able to keep a tab on what we are actually eating and filling ourselves with. Therefore in this kind of scenario one can really opt for a good supplement which would take care of your body fat and ensure that your don’t garner weight unnecessarily. There are a variety of options with which one can take up the task of losing their weight in a small time. If you are thinking of quick results then one can try the bee pollen weight loss which would surely be the most dependable option to explore and come up with something really engaging.

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The Explosive Truth About Bee Pollen Weight Loss Reviews

There is a video on YouTube where a young girl says that the bee pollen diet pills she was taking were nothing more than laxatives! That is her very own bee pollen weight loss review and there is some truth in it. The fact of the matter is that many diet pills which claim to have bee pollen in them mostly contain vegetable fibre of doubtful origin such as cassia, mulberry leaves, wolfberry and Chinese yam.

As regards the amount and sources of pollen which is mentioned in many bee pollen weight loss reviews, there is a lot of controversy. First, no one seems to be able to pinpoint the source with any accuracy and it may well be that imported pollen is mixed in with some from more respectable sources. Then there is the whole question of how that pollen was gathered and the conditions of the beehives and also what the bees were given to eat. Finally, there is the problem of the actual amount which may be there in miniscule quantities.

As for wolfberry, there is some doubt as to whether it is entirely safe although it is supposed to help with maintaining healthy eyesight. However, if taken in conjunction with the blood thinner warfarin which stops clots, there is a likelihood that it may actually enhance that effect and that could lead to more bleeding and bruising. This was mentioned in study in The Annals of Pharmacotherapy.

Regarding the Chinese yam, (discorea oppositifolia) it has been found to be useful for treating coughs, fatigue, colic and diarrhoea. It has also been known to help with reducing bad cholesterol but that was in a study done on rats! There is no evidence to show that it can help in a weight loss program although it does have other uses.

So, this brings us back to the bee pollen weight loss reviews which mention bee pollen in glowing terms. The reason is very simple because it prevents food cravings because of its fantastic range of amino acids, protein, vitamins and enzymes. It really is a complete food. The fact that it can help stabilize the metabolism and also act as natural appetite suppressant really make it stand out above all the other ingredients shoved into various weight loss mixes. You only need bee pollen and a sensible weight reducing program. But make sure that you choose the very best and that you know exactly where it comes from.

What Bee Pollen Weight Loss Reviews Are Not Telling You

Can bee pollen really help you to lose weight? A lot of the bee pollen weight loss reviews will tell you that it is entirely possible but of course they are not telling you the whole story! That is why I want to write this article to warn you about some of the pitfalls and false claims.

The greatest scam of all when you look at all the videos on You Tube and all the blogs is that the actual quantity of bee pollen is mentioned vaguely or not at all. This should be the main ingredient but what one finds when you look at the label, is that there are a whole lot of other things in there as well. The fact is that these cannot really help you to lose weight at all.

Let me tell you what these extra ingredients are. First, we have wolfberry fruit, Chinese yam, oolong tea, lotus leaf and mulberry leaves. The wolfberry fruit is mainly dietary fibre although it contains protein, fats and carbohydrates as well. It can sometimes cause dizziness and can negatively affect blood sugar levels. Chinese yam is great for exhaustion but will not be much use if you are trying to lose weight. As we can see from the above list of ingredients., there is not much bee pollen at all and the main components are usually acting as laxatives as they are basically dietary fibre . That is why they are also widely used as colon cleansers too. You will start to lose weight immediately but it does not last very long.

Then there is the problem of the actual sources of these plants. Most of these are grown in China and there are few controls there as regards pollution, contaminants and the processes used in their manufacture and packing. In the worst case scenario, it is possible that they actually contain arsenic or even mercury which are very harmful toxins for the human body. Now most of the bee pollen weight loss reviews will never mention anything about this at all as many of them are there to sell you the product so you will never get the truth.

But let us think for a moment about the real bee pollen benefits in weight loss, once you get sufficient quantities of it in its purest and most pristine state. This is actually great for losing weight. There are two reasons for this. First, it contains all the nutrients you will ever need so this will reduce any food cravings because you are getting total nourishment. The second is that there is a natural phenylalanine element in bee pollen which is a sort of natural appetite suppressant so you start to eat less but are still getting all the nutrients you need.

Now that we have seen what the bee pollen weight loss reviews should really be telling us, why not find out more about where to find the best bee pollen on this planet. You will be pleasantly surprised.